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Zink and Zn-Al for coatings


The Zink powder and its alloys are used to protect apparatuses, containers, reservoirs, pools, pipes, heat exchangers, bridges, hydraulic structures, power-industry equipment, vessel hulls, and other metallic structures from continuous and pitting corrosion. Powder ddischarge rate while spraying onto metallic surfaces when creating a coating with a thickness of 200 microns is approximately 1.7-1.8 kg/m2. Handheld gas-fired torches or mechanized apparatuses are used for deposition.

A reliable method for protecting metallic structures made from carbonic and low-alloy steels from corrosion is to apply coatings of Zn-Al alloy to their surfaces. Thermal Zn-Al coating applied using AP-ZnAl16 powder effectively protects structures and equipment used in the atmosphere and in fresh- and saltwater. The servicable life of the coating depends on the thickness of layers applied and can reach several decades.

Zink powder AP-Zn

Chemical composition, %

Grade Zn Fe Cu Ti Pb
base 0.1 max 0.02 max 0.02 max 0.02 max

Particle size (base fraction), microns:

  • 0-40;
  • 40-100;
  • 50-160.

The powder can be prepared with other size requirements.

Powder of Zn-Al alloys AP-ZnAl16

Chemical composition, %

Grade Zn Al Fe Cu Ti Pb
base 16 0.1 max 0.02 max 0.02 max 0.02 max

Particle size (base fraction), microns:

  • -40 (45);
  • 40-80, 40-160;
  • 140-315.