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Tin and Sn alloys

Babbit powder AP-SnSb11Cu6 (Babbit B83)

The powder of a tin-based alloy (Babbit) of the grade PR-B83 is meant for applying anti-friction coatings on parts, including parts on heavy load-bearing friction bearings.

Guaranteed chemical composition of AP-SnSb11Cu6 (Babbit B83) powder, % (mass)
Grade Sn Sb Cu Fe Pb
(Babbit B83)
base 10.0-12.0 5.5-6.5 0.1 0.5
The powder can be delivered on the client's request with additional control over the admixtures: As, Zn, Bi, Al.

Particle size: less than 40 microns (with base fraction content of at least 95%), 40-100 microns (with base fraction content of at least 85%), or other dimensions based on the client's needs.

Powder of the brazing alloy AP-Sn61Pb

Powder of the AP-Sn61Pb grade tin-lead alloy are intended for tin-plating and brazing.

In terms of chemical composition and particle size, the powder is prepared in accordance with the requirements of GOST 21930, GOST 21931, or based on the client's individual specifications.

Guaranteed chemical composition of powder AP-Sn61Pb, % (mass.)
Pb Sb Cu Bi As Fe Ni S Zn Al
AP-Sn61Pb 59-61* remainder 0.10 0.05 0.2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.002 0.002
*Powder can be produced with other limits in terms of Sn content, based on specifications.

Particle size: less than 71 microns (with base fraction content of at least 95%), and other sizes based on the client's request.