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Progressive materials for multi-functional vacuum coatings

Application fields of materials for multi-functional vacuum coatings, characteristics of sputtering targets and evaporable sources used for technologies of physical deposition of hardening, protective, decorative and light-reflecting coatings, resistive, switching and transparent electro conductive films.

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Molybdenum and tungsten products for production of leucosapphires

POLEMA JSC is the leading global manufacturer of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten products, metal powders and composite materials.

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POLEMA, JSC: advanced developments for extreme temperatures and aggressive environments

The implementation of large-scale investment projects and a powerful research laboratory allow POLEMA, JSC to be at the forefront of new materials creating. POLEMA is ready to supply products for the most difficult conditions and participate in solving the tasks of introducing additive technologies at Russian enterprises.

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