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Molybdenum sputtering targets


Sputtering targets made from high-purity molybdenum are used in physical vacuum deposition technologies (PVD methods) for thin films and functional coatings in the production of solar batteries and integral circuits, in forming TFT-matrices of large-format LCD displays and in other technical spheres.

Guaranteed chemical composition of molybdenum products for sputtering targets

Grade Mo, %* Impurities, ppm, maximum
Fe Al Ni Si C O N ∑Me**
Mo99.95-PM >99.95 100 50 50 100 100 70 50 <500

* Typical content of the base element Mo 99.97%

** Sum of metallic impurities.

Product shape

Sheets, discs, and rings, tooled in accordance with the product design.

Sheet dimensions

  • Thickness from 5 to 32 mm;
  • width up to 550 mm;
  • length up to 1500 mm.

Targets can be produced in the form of a set of end-joined parts of any width and any total set length.

Tolerances for dimensions and roughness are established based on the client's requests.