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Electrolytic chromium flakes

POLEMA is the largest global producer of uniquely pure electrolytic chromium used in metallurgy of heat-resistant superalloys, in electrical engineering (in combination with copper), in technologies for applying thin films and functional coatings using PVD methods during production of electronic components, large-format displays, tools, watch frames, household appliances, tinted glass, parts and accessories for cars, machines, and devices, and other uses. In technologies for depositing thin films in a vacuum using thermal vaporization, refined electrolytic chromium is used in flake form or in the form of grit by spraying with an ionic bombardment or arc vaporization, in the form of compact products with various shapes. In order to obtain products using powder metallurgy (PM) methods, ERCr chromium in flake form is mechanically pulverized into the powder MP-ERCr.

ERCr chromium in flake form is thermally treated in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen to obtain chromium nitride Cr2N, or nitrided products with other compositions used to alloy special steels and alloys.


Chromium products include:

  • electrolytic unrefined chromium ECr and refined ERCr-0, ERCr-1, ERCr-2;
  • powders and grit made from ERCr chromium;
  • products made from ERCr-PM chromium for sputtering targets and evaporable sources.
Electrolytic chromium flakes (unrefined)
Electrolytic chromium flakes (refined)

Industrial production of electrolytic chromium began in Tula in 1964 and included a process for extracting metal from a solution of chromium anhydrides (electrolysis) and subsequent thermal hydrogen cleaning of the cathode deposit.

In 2006, the company began reconstruction of its chromium-producing facilities: a new electrolysis division was built in an environmentally cleaner area, outfitted with modern equipment, automated control, and monitoring of all parameters in the production process.

Electrolysis produces a primary ECr chromium in the form of gray flakes with a thickness of up to 2.5 mm. Ecr contains 0.5-0.55% oxygen. Following high-temperature treatment of ECr in hydrogen, the refined chromium ERCr is obtained, primarily in the form of light gray, shiny flakes with an extremely low content of interstitial impurities (C, O, N, S, H).

ECr electrolytic unrefined chromium

Guaranteed chemical composition of  ECr chromium
Brand Base Admixture content, % (mass), maximum
O N C S Fe Si Ni Al Cu Pb
ECr Cr 0,55 0,013 0,01 0,02 0,008 0,01 0,005 0,006 0,003 0,001

ERCr electrolytic refined chromium

Guaranteed chemical composition of refined chromium
Brands Cr, %, minimum Admixtures, ppm, maximum
O N C S Fe Si Ni Al Cu
ERCr-0 99,99*  50 50 80 20 ∑ Ni, Mo, W, Al, Ca, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Si, Ti, V, K, Li, Na and others 100 ppm, maximum
ERCr-1 99,95 50 50 80 20 80 100 50 60 30
ERCr-2 99,95 700 70 80 20 80 100 50 60 30

* Mass percentage of chromium, not including the gas-forming admixtures C, O, N, S, Н, F, Cl.