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Chromium sputtering targets and evaporable cathodes

JSC POLEMA is a leading global producer of sputtering targets and evaporable sources (cathodes) made of refined electrolytic chromium. The company's share in this segment of the global market is approximately 30%.


Products made of chromium are used in various technologies for the physical deposition of thin films and functional coatings (the PVD method) in the production of electronic components, displays and tools; in the vacuum chroming of watches, parts of household appliances, the working surfaces of hydro-pneumcylinders, slide valves, piston rods, tinted glass, mirrors, car parts and accessories, and other machines and devices. When depositing strengthening coatings from ionized plasma using the method of vacuum-arc vaporization of a cathode or by magnetic target sputtering, chromium is used as an adhesive substratum and, in combination with other materials, is used for multi-layer and nanostructural multi-functional wear-resistant coatings. High-quality large-size planar targets made of electrolytic refined chromium (ERC) are used by leading manufacturers of plasma and liquid-crystal displays to deposit metallic conductors during the formation in monitor matrices of thin-film transistors (TFT technology).


Production process:
Chromium ERCr flakes → powder → compact stock → ERCr-PM product

The powder undergoes a special treatment that ensures material purity equal to that of the base ERCr chrome.

Compaction is done in the following manners:

  • hot isostatic pressing (HIP);
  • extrusion (HP);
  • when necessary, rolling of sintered semi-finished products is performed (R).

Final tooling is done in accordance with the client's request.

Brands and guaranteed chemical composition of products made from ERCr chromium
Brands Cr, %,
Impurities, ppm, maximum
O N C S Fe Si Ni Al Cu
ERCr 99.9-PM 99.9 350 100 200 30 500 100 100 70 40
ERCr 99.95-PM 99.95 200 50 100 20 250 50 40 30 30
ERCr 99.97-PM 99.97 100 50 70 20 100 20 10 20 20
∑ of metallic impurities Al, Fe, Cu, Ni, Si, Ca, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Pb, Ti, W, Zn and others 300 ppm, maximum
ERCr 99.99-PM 99.99 100 50 70 20 50 10 5 5 10
∑ of metallic impurities Al, Fe, Cu, Ni, Si, Ca, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Pb, Ti, W, Zn and others 100 ppm, maximum

PM – Powder Metallurgy

Shape and dimensions of products made from chromium
Shape of treated product Diameter, mm Thickness,  mm Width, mm Length, mm
Plate - From 5 to 50 Up to 1400 Up to 1700
Disc, ring From 65 to 400 From 5 to 50 - -
Rod, cylinder From 15 to 65 - - Up to 600

The following tolerances for dimensions are applied, unless otherwise requested by the client, in mm: diameter ± 0.25;  thickness ± 0.2; length and width, up to 100 ± 0.15; from 100 to 500 ± 0.25; from 500 to 1000 ± 0.4; more than 1000 ± 1.0.