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Nickel-aluminum granules, powder

Nickel-aluminum alloys are used as starting materials for production of nickel skeletal catalyst (“Raney nickel”) to hydrogenize compounds.

Nickel-aluminum alloys of the systems Ni-Al, Ni-Al-Ti are prepared by melting down the metallic components, followed by mechanical breakdown of the material until the required coarseness is achieved.

Grades and chemical composition of nickel-aluminum alloys (%, mass):
Alloy grade Al Ti Ni Fe
MP-NiAl50 47.0-53.5 - remainder maximum 0.6
MP-NiAl50Ti3 47.0-53.5 1.0-3.0 remainder maximum 0.6
Note: based on an agreement (contract) with the client, alloys can be prepared with other amounts of component content.

MP – Metal Powder

The size of base fraction, particle distribution in terms of size, and permissible deviations are determined by the individual agreement (contract) with the client.

Delivered fractions, microns: 200-630, 500-800, 6000-15000 and others, based on the client's individual requests.