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In 1961, the Powder Metallurgy Division, shop No.8, was established at Novotulskiy Metallurgical Plant. It was designed as an industrial base for implementation of ideas and developments of the Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy “Chermet”. The new workshop was developed very fast, working up production of high-purity electrolytic chrome, rolled products and products made of molybdenum, tungsten, composites and metal powders.

Within 60 years, in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences, leading research and scientific centers, institutes and industrial enterprises, the shop has been transformed into the largest in the country powder metallurgical plant - POLEMA JSC.

1961 – Establishment of the company and production of first batches of titanium powders, made by hydro-calcium method.  

1963 – Launch of the first rolled molybdenum products.

1964 - Development of electrolytic refined chromium production.

1965-1980 - Continuous growth and improvement of production processes.

1982 - Launch of Russia's largest metal powders production complex for resource-saving technologies of retailoring and strengthening of machine parts and equipment with a capacity of 3000 tons per year. The company has reached leading positions in powder metallurgy. Commercial output has grown more than 10 times, production of more than 100 new types of products has been mastered.

There were created technological laboratories, technical department and design bureau, mechanical metal-working sites, departments of thermal compensators, tungsten-based composite materials, high-precision chrome-copper contacts. The rolling and forging department was reconstructed and expanded.

1985-1991 – The company became a leader in powder metallurgy for coatings, molybdenum and tungsten rolled products, high purity chromium, contacts for high-voltage vacuum switches, highly efficient permeable materials.

1992-1999 - Development of technology and production of chromium sputtering targets made by sintering and deformation of high-purity powders. Development of molybdenum crucibles and accessories for production of sapphire mono crystals with improved consumer properties, as well as copper and nickel products. Access to foreign and new domestic markets.

2000-2003 – Start of W and Mo powders production, development of W and Mo high-precision rolled products manufacturing, as well as electrodes for glass furnaces, sputtering targets of chromium, molybdenum, Ni-Cr and nickel for vacuum deposition of thin films.

2004-2009 – Construction and putting in operation of the chromium electrolysis department, equipped with the automatic system for technological process control.  Set-up of chromium production with a purity 99.95-99.99%.

Development of production technology for chromium sputtering targets made by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Modernization of refractory metals machining department, allowed to start manufacturing of large-size chromium sputtering targets, used for production of modern large-screen displays. The volume of production of high-purity chromium targets has reached 30% of the global market.

In 2004, POLEMA was acquired by Industrial Metallurgical Holding. IMH is is a Russian vertically integrated company, specializing in extraction and procession of coking coal and iron ore, production of pig iron, foundry castling and powder metallurgy.

Start of production of Al-Ti composites for multifunctional hardening coatings.

Opening of representative office in Switzerland.

2006 – Opening of branch office in South Korea.   

2010-2011 - Introduction of additional capacities for production of large tungsten crucibles for sapphire single crystal manufacturers in Russia, the United States and South-East Asia, allowed to increase their production by more than 3 times. Expansion of production of large-size thin-sheet rolled molybdenum products and growth units hot zones.

Development of technology and equipment for production of atomized satellite free spherical powders. Mastering the production of powders with increased consumer properties for spraying and overlay welding of wear-resistant coatings.

2012 – Opening of the representative office in Taiwan.

2014-2017 - Mastering the production of metal powders for 3D printing; Co-Cr-Mo medical rods.

New high-tech projects have been launched. As a part of the project" Metal high-alloy powders for overlay welding, spraying and additive technologies", a new site with unique for Russia equipment stock was created.

Opening of the branch office in China.

2018 - 2021 Launch of a new project "Powder materials for machine tools and high-temperature processes".

Increase in sales of metal powders for additive technologies.

POLEMA, JSC, is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered production of spherical tungsten and molybdenum powders for 3D printing.

2021 - Opening of a new production site for the production of roller guides.

The company has successfully certified its quality management system and all activities of the company in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.