From achieved results to new horizons
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The staff of the company should earn the loyalty every day with the help of high quality goods and attentive attitude to our customers. If there is any reason to change plans (closure of manufacturing line, change of politics or conditions of supply etc.) we  are obliged to bear responsibility for the effect it has on our customers.

The company must follow not only the recent tendencies but also take into consideration interests of small groups of customers that could become considerable and important.  Internet possibilities should be used wider to get the instant update of customers needs.

The main technological directions and priorities should be clearly defined. We have ample opportunities for  application of our technologies that help our customers to implement their needs. Our mission requires to preserve leadership in our sphere by means of our products possibilities enhancement, customers support and cooperation with partners.

We must be the best partner for all parties concerned and create competitive advantages for our customers, generate increasing and stable demands for the suppliers, guarantee attractive income for shareholder and decent wages for employees of the company.