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Our goal:

Constant improving of environmental conditions and prevention of pollution.

Our tasks:

  • fulfillment of international agreements in the sphere of environmental protection ratified by Russian Federation;
  • adoption of progressive  ecologically and technologically safe non-waste and low-waste technologies with reversible cycles;
  • adoption of management system of environmental protection in accordance with requirements of State Standard R ISO 14001;
  • compliance with the operative legal rules in the sphere of environmental protection and sanitary wealth of population on all stages of product life;
  • implementation of employees liability for meeting the requirements  of environmental and sanitary legislation in scientific, production activity and etc., that have a negative impact on environment  and service staff;
  • exploitation of nature-conservative treating plants in accordance with the requirements of technological normative documents;
  • replacement of outdated and worn equipment (technologies) by modern environmental oriented and energy efficient equipment  (technologies);
  • production control of safe use of carcinogenic and other toxic and dangerous substances;
  • prevention of accidents, emergency situations and environmental sabotages;
  • enhancement of employees environmental consciousness;
  • providing of moral and material encouragement in order to enhance employees interest in carrying out of nature-conservative measures, implementation of company’s ecological policy;
  • fulfillment of ecological requirements demanded by the customers of POLEMA JSC.

Our guiding principles:

  • development of enterprise that is  stable and ecologically safe for staff and environment;
  • rational use of material and natural resources;
  • available information in the sphere of environmental protection and industrial sanitation.

Our obligations:

Close adherence to environmental policy, its improvement in accordance with modern requirements.