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Accession to association

POLEMA JSC is the acknowledged leader at the market of refined chromium. But it never stops the company at what has been accomplished. Authority at home market, partnership with the leading world manufactures and consumers of chromium products, prestige and general recognition are the main targets of POLEMA.

POLEMA made one more step forward the success at the world market – it became a member of International Chromium Development Association (ICDA).

Association was established in compliance with French legislation of 1st july, 1901. Its main goals:

  • encouragement and assistance in growth and development of world usage of chromium;
  • encouragement and development of the superior industry enterprises;
  • collection, evaluation and transfer of information about chromium industry;
  • establishment and upholding of high capacity standards;
  • encouragement, upholding and carrying out of researches and products for expansion of chromium application;

Association Members are world leaders of chromium industry that are represented by 26 countries. They are companies and organizations operating worldwide and interested in production, recycling, supplying, investigation of chromium-bearing materials.

All members of International Association are differentiated into three groups:

  • members with full powers;
  • partners;
  • affiliates.

POLEMA JSC is the only representative of Association in Russia that has full rights and a voting right at any session of Association. POLEMA JSC’s representative, chief commercial officer, Ivan Mikhin could be elected as a member of Council or the President of Association.

Representation of our country in Association is much credit for POLEMA and a deserved recognition at world chromium market.