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Updating of metal powder manufacturing

The largest Russian complex with the capacity amounting to 3000 tons per year operates as a part of POLEMA JSC since 1982.

Nickel-based self-fluxing powders are intended for sputtering and surfacing of coatings resistant to corrosion, friction and abrasive particles. The coatings are resistant to gas corrosion under the temperature of 700-850 °С, fresh and sea water, saline solutions, oil-bearing medium, ammonia and other corrosive mediums. The coating are applied for wornpart reclamation and hardening of newly-made parts.

Powders are produced from sputtered metal melts of set chemical composition. Melts produced in induction furnaces are sputtered with 2 energy resources – gas (nitrogen) and water. POLEMA traditionally employed two ways of sputtering – gas per gas and water per water.

As a result 50% of all powders had outgrowths, the so-called satellites, and 5% had particles of platelet shape. It reduced apparent density, powder yielding, complicated sputtering process and caused coating transformation. It resulted in reduction of competitive ability of metal powders produced by Polema.

Analogues of foreign powders, e.g. Deloro, Castolin don’t have such defects. That’s why large-scale Russian producers give preference to imported powders.

Sputtering of molten metal through energy recourses of high pressure is a very difficult process. Updating of burner junctions and improving of powder quality have been the key targets during last 10-15 years.

During half a year POLEMA updated burner construction and applied combined method of shooping – water per gas. It allowed to reduce satellite volume up to 10-15% and clean powders from platelet particles. It greatly improved quality of powders and sputtering process.

Successful activity and engineering solutions allowed to solve the problems that impeded expansion of powder market. POLEMA JSC acquired reputation of a reliable supplier of high quality powders. Pilot batches of powders have already been supplied. Negotiations are carried on with such companies as Perm Oil Machine Engineering Company JSC, Kuleshovsky Glass Factory and glassworks KavMinSteklo and Krasnoe Ekho (Red Echo).