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POLEMA, JSC: advanced developments for extreme temperatures and aggressive environments

POLEMA, JSC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products made of chrome, molybdenum, tungsten, metal powders and composites. Since 2014, the company has mastered the production of powders for additive technologies. At present, POLEMA is the largest Russian supplier of 3D printing powders.

Since 2017, with support of the Industrial development Fund (IDF), production of high-alloy metal powders for overlay welding, spraying and additive technologies has been implemented. Thanks to the launch of advanced equipment, production of new brands of powder compositions, meeting the world quality standards for particles’ sphericity, grain size composition and material purity has been mastered.

The constant growth of requirements for materials used in high-tech industries, such as machine building, engine building and aerospace industry, necessitates development of new alloys. The company is actively expanding the range of products, which can be used at extreme temperatures  ??  from -70 ° C to 1100 ° C.

POLEMA brings to the market new materials, showing the stability of physical and mechanical characteristics at critical temperatures for traditional materials. Among the most sought-after developments are the following:


  • Powder super invar alloy has a low temperature coefficient of the linear expansion. Products made from the powder material don’t change their geometric dimensions in the wide range of temperatures. The material is adapted for production of parts and components of machines and structures.
  • Innovative material based on cobalt is developed for manufacturing of parts and products operating at high temperatures (up to 1100 ° C). It has good resistance to aggressive media and abrasive wear. Depending on the particle size, it is possible to use it both for manufacturing of parts and products, as well as for overlay welding and spraying.
  • High-entropy alloys, the latest development of POLEMA, JSC. These materials have a unique corrosion resistance and are capable to keep stability and flexibility even at extremely low temperatures, as well as stable phase composition during thermomechanical processing. Alloys are suitable for manufacturing of products by various methods, such as: sintering, overlay welding and spraying, 3D printing.


POLEMA has its own research and development center. Together with the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, the company participates in Federal Targeted Programs “Research and development for priority areas of the development of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014—2020”. In cooperation with this institute, the powder material CompoNiAl-M5-3 for 3D printing of turbine engine blades is being developed, additive production and finishing heat treatment (FHT) modes are tested.


The implementation of large-scale investment projects and a powerful research laboratory allow POLEMA, JSC to be at the forefront of new materials creation. POLEMA is ready to supply products for the most difficult conditions and to participate in solving the tasks connected with introduction of additive technologies at Russian enterprises.