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Complex technologies of powder metallurgy allow to produce unique materials both for mass and piece production. Products have non-porous finely dispersed structure and set properties. It became possible due to well-examined technological processes that ensure high quality and economical efficiency.

Nowadays POLEMA JSC has the largest production complex in Russia for manufacturing of powders by means of different technological methods: hydrogen and calcium hydrogen reduction of oxides, shooping per inert gases and water, electrolysis, mechanical grinding and acid treatment.

Powders with purity of 99.99% are produced by means of technological hydrogen reduction of metals from oxides and electrolysis. POLEMA employs all traditional methods of compaction and shaping of powder products: hydraulic, hydrostatic and gas isostatic compression.

Vacuum sintering is done in the furnaces with reducing atmosphere.

Methods of deformation:

  • rolling;
  • open die forging;
  • swaging forging;
  • gas isostatic compression;
  • calibration;
  • extrusion.

Machinery of the enterprise allows to apply up-to-date metal working technologies. Mechanical working includes band machine cutting, electrolytic erosion, grinding at advanced surface-grinding machines with numerical program control, machine working of parts along 5 steering axles at machining centers.

The enterprise is constantly updating technologies, examines quality of its products, implements state-of-the-art technological processes. It allows to satisfy demands of different industries involved in production of advanced machinery.