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POLEMA is an enterprise where innovative ideas transform into high-quality technical products which satisfy consumers’ needs by means of mutually advantageous cooperation with the suppliers. We take into consideration requirements for the environmental protection and preserving of natural recourses, strengthening of the economic potential of the company and employees’ social status.


  • World’s leading manufacturer of high-purity chromium and its products;

  • Russia’s largest manufacturer of metal powders, including powders  for surfacing, sputtering and additive technologies;

  • Russia’s unique manufacturer of spherical W and Mo powders for 3D printing;

  • Russia's unique full-cycle manufacturer of molybdenum rolled products;

  • Wide use of progressive and environmental safe processes that ensure manufacturing of high quality products;
  • Competent and high qualified staff that can solve tasks effectively and provide production of high quality and competitive products;
  • Effective Quality Management System which is able to anticipate problems and respond on market changes.