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Vladimir Putin got acquainted with POLEMA’s products

Within the business trip to Tula the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the temporary acting Tula region Governor  Aleksei Dyumin visited the exhibition demonstrating new projects of Tula main factories.

At the exhibition the Head of the Industrial Metallurgical Holding Evgenii Zubitskii personally told Vladimir Putin about POLEMA’s current perspective projects. 

The IMH Head demonstrated to Vladimir Putin and Aleksei Dyumin a new product for medical application – cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy, used in medicine for production of hip and knee joints. The same alloy is also used as a powder for 3D printing of different implants.

Besides the new alloy, Vladimir Putin could see some samples of sputtering titanium-aluminum targets that are used for PVD processes to enhance the products surfaces properties. This technology is also used in tools, car parts and different mechanisms production.  

At the end of the meeting Evgenii Zubitskii presented to the Russian President the national emblem of the Russian Federation, manufactured by POLEMA’s craftsmen from the chromium plate.