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POLEMA received a record revenue for the III quarter

The Russian powder metallurgy plant POLEMA (part of the IMH) received a record revenue in the entire history of the enterprise at the end of the third quarter of 2021. In the reporting period, the plant’s proceeds have amounted to 564 million rubles.

In September the company's revenue reached 209 million rubles, which is also a historical record. Strong financial results were driven by increased sales of chrome products, atomized powders and molybdenum products.

“The enterprise has increased its sales volume through contracts with new foreign customers. As a result, we faced a shortage of chromium production capacity. One of the options for the development of the enterprise is a twofold increase of capacity of chrome production", - the managing director of JSC POLEMA Aleksei Filippov said.

POLEMA powder metallurgy plant is one of the leading global manufacturers of products made of high-purity chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, metal powders and composite materials. The plant’s products are in demand in more than 20 industries, including aircraft and shipbuilding, high-tech medicine, oil and gas industry