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Polema improves productiveness of the enterprise

JSC POLEMA  informs that a number of scheduled repairs are to be conducted in June 2012 with the aim of improving the productiveness of the enterprise.

Specifically, the proposed program provides for entire replacement of pressure water pipeline  at JSC POLEMA, such pipeline’s main function consisting in uninterrupted water supply to the system of process equipment cooling. The new pipeline will be laid according to the brand new pattern, which allows dividing the water supply systems of JSC Tulachermet and JSC POLEMA. Hence, in case of any emergencies or suspension of operation by the former, the latter enterprise will not be deprived of water.

This package of measures makes it possible to avoid emergencies, production losses assoiciated with process equipment cooling, and significantly to save the service water stock.

According to the plan, the pipeline will be connected to the mains and commissioned by mid-June 2012.

Scheduled modernization of chrome electrolysis section is also planned for this period.

For the purposes of efficiency and product quality improvement, a new self-cleaning filter will be installed within chrome electrolysis section, such filter having environmentally safe design that ensures a continuous water flow, even at the times of the filter’s self cleaning.