From achieved results to new horizons


POLEMA’s representatives are telling French visitors about their products

From 10th to 13th of October 2016 JSC POLEMA had taken part for the first time in World PM Congress and Exhibition ( that is held once in two years in different countries of the world. This event covers all kinds of problems and questions connected with PM. Within the Congress the most outstanding specialists present their reports covering PM problems and tasks, innovative technologies, materials, etc.

The World PM2016 Exhibition united the leading companies, representing the whole processing chain of PM technological stages (powder producers, laboratory equipment manufacturers, furnaces and other equipment producers, etc.) that made this event absolutely necessary to attend for all specialists, working in this sphere. Next time the World PM will take place in Europe only in 6 years!

POLEMA turned out to be the only PM representative from Russia at World PM 2016 Exhibition and Congress. That fact attracted to our stand not only a lot of interested foreign visitors, but Russian ones too. The part of Russian visitors reached about 30% of all the attendants. POLEMA’s stand was visited by about 70 people, the major activity being observed on the first three days of the exhibition, when the quantity of visitors per day reached 22 people.

POLEMA’s products were in demand with both, foreign and Russian visitors. Among the most popular requests were 3D powders, powders for surfacing and sputtering, molybdenum and tungsten products, and MIM powders, allowing to combine a construction complexity and products’ accuracy with metals’ and alloys’ properties.

Just a week after the end of the exhibition POLEMA has already received several perspective requests from the contacts got at this event. For POLEMA this exhibition was a really interesting and useful experience that allowed us to increase the popularity of our company among the potential foreign customers and to get new Russian consumers.