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POLEMA took part in a conference held within the Russian Industrial Week

On October 21 the head of the Process Engineering department Pavel Marusin took part in the conference "Welding and additive technologies for industrial use" organized by such leading Russian corporations as the State Research Center of the Russian Federation, CNIITMASH, Atomenergomash Group and Rosatom Corporation.

In his report, Pavel Marusin highlighted top popular powder materials that POLEMA JSC currently produces for Additive Manufacturing and also spoke about new recently mastered materials for 3D printing which are used in aircraft construction. These are heat-resistant powders AP-CrNi51CoVaMoTiAlNb (analogue of EP741 NP) and AP-CrNi60VaMoTiAlNb (analogue of Inconel 738). POLEMA’s representative also paid special attention to the physical and mechanical characteristics of the samples printed by subdivision of the complex “Energia” from the powder AP-09Cr16Ni4B produced by POLEMA and presented to the audience the company’s developments in terms of spheroidization of powders for 3D printing and coatings. After the report, Pavel Marusin answered several questions from the audience regarding production of new materials including heat-resistant bronze alloys.

The conference took place as a part of the business program of the annual event Russian Industrial Week, which took place from 19 to 22 October at the Central Exhibition Complex of Expocentre. This event brought together three industrial exhibitions: equipment and technologies for processing structural materials "Technoforum-2020", a new exhibition of equipment, technologies and materials for welding and cutting processes “Rusweld 2020” and an exhibition of machinery, equipment and technologies for woodworking and furniture industries "Lesdrevmash -2020" which included 250 exhibitors.