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New powder classification equipment

JSC Polema actively upgrades its production capacities by implementing new technologies and purchasing modern equipment. These steps are necessary to widen the range of products produced by Polema and increase their quality.

The most recent upgrade was the buying of powder classification equipment with an ultrasonic screen cleaning system and auxiliary equipment including screen remeshing table.

Newly delivered Allagaier screening machines have 4 decks each to sieve and classify metal powders into different size fractions starting from 20 µm. Thus, we have an opportunity now to offer our clients metal powders with very fine particle sizes in the range of 20-40 µm, market share of which is constantly growing.

Moreover, new classification equipment will allow Polema to raise quality of its metal powders, speed up the sieving process up to five times, and increase the desired particle size content up to 96%.

For our next upgrade activities we will buy an atomizing system which will help us produce purer spherical powders on nickel and cobalt bases. Apart from that we are buying a spheroidization system in order to decrease porosity of metal powders and improve their flowability and purity.