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Maximizing efficiency

Since the 11th of August 2014 the production system of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) has been under introduction at the pilot sectors of the plant, this being one of the key projects of JSC “Polema” in 2014.

This system is introduced with the aim of maximizing efficiency of the equipment’s performance during the whole course of its operation.

Once the pilot team was formed, the personnel most involved in the process of change joined the working group for introduction of this system; they received proper methodology training, carried out relevant analyses and found discrepancies in the equipment’s operation.

Less than a week later, on the 15th of August, the staff of one of the pilot sectors – metal cutting sector – were able to show their achievements in introducing the system of universal equipment maintenance to Mr. Mikhail Nenyukov, the Chief Executive Officer of JSC “Polema”.

“This system allows with very little investment to introduce order at the production: to reduce losses, to increase working efficiency, to lessen the rate of accidents and defect goods. Moreover, in this way we create the necessary starting conditions for realization of complex and expensive production and structural innovations, and guarantee their high efficiency – first of all due to revolutionary change in the workers’ attitude to their work,” – commented Mr. Nenyukov, CEO, - “the system allows to discipline all the workers involved in the process starting from operators and up to top management. Each worker can become an initiator of changes for the better in their production sector, in this way increasing efficiency of the whole plant’s performance.”

The system of universal equipment maintenance is not only a system of continuous improvement but also a philosophy, a way of life, an aspiration for self-improvement and for that of your co-workers.