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POLEMA has mastered new powder grades for AM and weld-deposition

Powder metallurgy plant POLEMA (affiliated to the Industrial Metallurgical Holding) has mastered production of high entropy alloys and Ni-Cr-Al-Y system alloys for the use in aerospace and other critical industries.

The plant has started production of high-entropy alloys AP-CoCr23Ni26, AP-CrNi24Co24Al, AP-CrNi23Co23Al, AP-CrNi18Co18Cu20Al, AP-CrNi21Co21Mn20, AP-CrNi20Co20Cu21 by gas atomization method.

High corrosion resistance, the ability to maintain strength and flexibility at ultra-low temperatures as well as a stable phase composition during thermomechanical treatment are the advantages of the new materials. The mastered alloys are suitable for manufacturing parts using 3D printing.

Besides, POLEMA has mastered two Ni-Cr-Al-Y system alloys, used as a metal sublayer for heat-protective coatings on parts of internal combustion engines: AP-NiCr22Al10Y (analog of Amdry 962) and AP-CrNi67Al12 (analog of Amperit 457.642), additionally, alloyed with hafnium and rhenium) by gas atomization. Previously at POLEMA JSC a reduction of oxides with calcium hydride was used for the production of Ni-Cr-Al-Y alloys.

“POLEMA continues to develop new types of products, which have no analogs in Russia. The new products will be used in aircraft construction, medicine and in other important industries”, – CEO of the plant Aleksei Filippov said.