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JSC POLEMA, 2C level

Four production units of JSC “Polema” have reached 2 C level within an extremely short period of time.

At the end of three months after the start of  5C system introduction in four production units (powder unit, metallurgical-chemical powder production sector, tungsten and molybdenum manufacturing site), JSC “Polema” succeeded in creating a clear, well-organized working area, where everything has its own place. Thus, the levels of “Assorting” and “Self-organization”  have been achieved.

At the first stage of this system introduction, all the production site employees, including me thought that everything was OK, and it wasn’t necessary to introduce anything new,- metallurgical unit overseer Victor Arkhipov said. – However, the concept of this system was explained to us. In practice we made sure that the system had excluded all the losses. Our factory work often used to be at a standstill because of lack of equipment or its derangement.  But now everything is clean and perfectly in order in our sector. Equipment and tools are operable and close at hand.

Within this period a huge amount of work has been done:

·        Arrangements for 5C system introduction and refinement have been made;

·        All driveways and walking paths have been marked;

·       Units have been divided into working areas. All the working spaces have been marked on production units plannings. They are displayed on stands of visual operation.  Cleaning check timetables have been worked out. They are also displayed on stands of visual operation. Cleaning standards for working areas have been elaborated. These standards have been placed in the corresponding operational areas.

·       Final production, intermediate storage areas of details and blanks, equipment and rolling carts storage areas  have been marked and partially visualized;

·     Passages to shelvings in a finished products stockhouse  have been partially cleared. Marking plannings for different products storage areas have been suggested. Marking and visualization work has been started.

5C system introduction started in May 2014 and its main goal is to involve in the improvement process all the factory employees and inculcate them in the philosophy of low-cost, successful, economical manufacturing in an extremely short period of time – by the end of the year.