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High-carbon iron-based alloys for coatings

Applying coating onto the item


Plasma-jet hard-facing, elecroarc and induction deposition of wear-resistant coatings onto the machine components of metallurgical, mining and energetic equipment, agricultural and road-building engineering, motor and railway transport, augers of extruders (PN-AN2) and other machinery.







Powder grades, nominal chemical composition and properties of coatings


Nominal    composition

Coating    Hardness, HRC



Fe C3.9 Cr26 Si 1.5 Ni1.7 W 0.3 Mo0.1 Mn1.1

≥ 54.2

Resistance to abrasive wear at restrained load impacts and temperature max. 500 0C


Fe C2.9 Cr29 Si3.5 Mn1 Ni4

≥ 54

Resistance to abrasive and gas-abrasive wear


Fe C4.9 Cr38 Si2.1 Ni1.4 Mn ≤ 2.5

≥ 55.9

Resistance to intensive abrasive wear without impacts


Fe C4.5 Cr34 Si1.7 Mn2.7 B1.6

≥ 53.2

Resistance to abrasive wear (deposition onto the equipment of  coal-mining industry)


Fe C2.4 Cr29 Si2 Mn1 B1.5

≥ 54

Resistance to abrasive wear at restrained load impacts (protective coatings for metallurgic equipment, agricultural technique, construction machinery etc.)


Fe C4.9 Cr30 Si3.2 Ni1.4 Mn1 B2 Cu0.6 Al0.4

≥ 60

Deposition of abrasive-resistant coatings onto the working components of agricultural machinery etc.

AP-FeCr18VNiMo (PN-AN2)

Fe C Cr V Ni Mo Me

42-43, 51-53 at 650 0C

Resistance to abrasive wear, tear and corrosion (protective coatings of polymers’ augers)


Fe C2.6 Ni15 Cu7 Cr2.2 Si2.2 Mn1

240-200 HB

Restoration of iron casting faults


Fe C1.4 Ni37 Cr14 Mo5 W4 Si2.5 B2.2


Resistance to mechanical wear and corrosion, self-fluxing properties

Particle size (the main fractions): -40,  20-63, 40-100, 100-200, 160-400, 200-400, 400-630, 630, 100-800 mkm.

Powders can be produced with other compositions and particle sizes of the main fractions, based on agreed customer’s requests.