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An article on use of POLEMA JSC getters in the design of super-vacuum pumps

An article about the use of getters manufactured by POLEMA JSC in the design of super-vacuum pumps has been published

Employees of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk State University and Novosibirsk State Technical University V.V. Anashin, A.A. Krasnov and A.M.Semenov jointly wrote and published an article on the study of the getter pump gas-absorbing properties for various gases.

It should be reminded that the super-vacuum pump is being developed for the project of SKIF (Siberian Ring Photon Source) Center for Collective Use, under which it is planned to build a synchrotron radiation source in Novosibirsk. This requires a low beam emittance (75 pm⋅rad), which requires an ultra-high vacuum.

Due to the rather high cost and sizes of foreign pumps that are not always suitable for this project, Russian  scientists have started a development of a specialized small-sized pump, optimized for use in the SKIF vacuum system and designed on the basis of Russian-made getter materials.

In the article you will find the getters characteristics of Ti–Zr–Al getter pumps with internal and external heaters measured for Н2 and CO. The results are compared to the measured similar characteristics of the NEXTorr D 100-05 combined pump from SAES Getters and a titanium sublimation film at temperatures of 300 and 77 K.

The full text of the article can be found in the journal “Instruments and Experimental Techniques”, 2020, Vol. 63, No. 6, pp. 914–918. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2020